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Frequently asked questions

Can I add more than one shortcut to the keyring?
No, unfortunately not. The "swipe up keyring" is standard functionality provided by the Android operating system and only supports one single item.

How do I use this app on my Samsung phone?
Samsung has replaced a lot of standard Android functionality with TouchWiz features - on older Samsung phones, "long click" on the home button will open this app, on others this app does NOT integrate at all into the device buttons.
=> we suggest you check out this app instead: Swipe Home Button

How can I toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Brightness and Auto Rotation with Home Button Launcher?
Have a look at Home Button Launcher Tools (formerly called "DG Settings"). Also watch the YouTube video, this shows how to integrate those tools.

Do you have plans for Widget integration?
No, this is not planned. Home Button Launcher only supports Apps and Shortcuts as of now.

Do you have plans to support skins or icon packs?
No, this is not planned.

Can you add "Direct Dial"? The app always opens the Dialer app when I tap a phone shortcut.
Sorry but we don't have plans to add that. The app would require additional system access rights in order to support that ("CALL_PHONE"). This however is considered "dangerous" by most users, so we'd get a lot of negative feedback and 1 star ratings when asking for this.

Other app recommendations?
Here's a short list of apps we find very useful in combination with Home Button Launcher. Please note we're not affiliated with any of these developers.
Screen Off and Lock
Status Bar Expander
QuickShortcutMaker (use this for assigning different app icons)
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